Intersplicing Spreads

This is a patch I made to allow me to combine two spreads into one, with the stipulation that slice 0 of the first spread goes first, then slice 0 of the second, then slice 1 of the first then slice 1 of the second and so on. The counter is set to constantly be scrolling through just in case either of the input spreads change. Is there a node which already does this or a simpler way for for me to do this? I couldn’t find one and this is the best my brain could do :p

Spread Intersplice.v4p (9.3 KB)

Zip nodes.

I’m now taking this seriously. No, I’m realllllly serious.


Go through all the links in Learning and Using vvvv.




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I believe you, you’ve made me a believer

fyi, I did go through all of the documentation but it was over a year ago and i hadnt used a zip node ever so it slipped my mind. But I do appreciate yr help, i will go through this stuff again so it gets cemented and you dont ever have to use all caps again :p

Have faith, and you’ll always have Light guiding you.
May Stallone be with you.

hey its cool to patch something on your own
probably more fun then abstract reading-first hours

Spread Zipping.v4p (17.0 KB)

Thankyou very much everyone! I think that working out how to patch a zip on my own has been very profitable for my understanding of VVVV and problem solving in general, so I don’t regret the extra time I spent doing that. Now I have ZIP in my arsenal I can go back and simplify the last 3 big patches I’ve made, and I believe will be able to expand their capabilities because I’ll be cutting out alot of the more complicated aspects of my patches which have made it difficult to apply modifications.

but it definitely is FUN to work out how to get from A to B, and very satisfying when a creative solution works. Its just that in programming efficiency and simplicity that achieves the same results are obviously the overall aim.

@grey.phoenix I think you got the humor in my post, so I’m confident you felt that was not adverse to experimenting, finding new ways and all (a prototyping environment as vvvv exists for this reason).
And having a general knowledge of docs it’s not just for efficiency.
It’s about “easily” understanding what others do with their patches (and there’s a whole load of stuff you can find from other users), so to widen your perspective on the capability of the tools, so to say.
In other words: while it is totally legit to not have used Zip ever, the fact you “missed” them, to me means that you spent a few time looking inside modules, contributions, helppatches and stuff like this. Which instead is, IMHO, what every new user (everyone here has been a new user at a certain point) should do right after learning the basics of interaction (left|middle|right click, double left|right click, and so on).
The reason why is clear, so no need to go further.

That said I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks now: having, for vvvv and VL, the corresponding of the 99 Prolog Problems, which is a collections of problems.

The purpose of this problem collection is to give you the opportunity to practice your skills in logic programming. Your goal should be to find the most elegant solution of the given problems. Efficiency is important, but logical clarity is even more crucial. Some of the (easy) problems can be trivially solved using built-in predicates. However, in these cases, you learn more if you try to find your own solution.

Wouldn’t this be extremely helpful for vvvv and VL?

I got the joke, lol. I’ve been attacked for being a noob before and things certainly get worse than that out there in the internet. Im learning Arduino right now as well and I got fricken nailed in that forum for not having knowledge straight up about what were the most efficient and elegant ways to do things. One thing I really like about VVVV, outside of the power of the actual platform, is this forum and that people here seem to have a sense of humour and a will to actually be helpful, even if that is direction to documentation, which is extremely helpful sometimes. At the moment I have been extremely focussed on a few pet projects, I have picked up this language and what I know about it with specific purposes in mind, and as such I have not delved as deeply as I could or should have into varied projects, but what you’ve said has made me realise and remember the vast collection of help tools that are available with VVVV. I use the help patches all the time and have got through a great deal of my issues with that, but yeah, have missed or forgotten a few important things. I am the only person I know who is interested in this stuff so sometimes it feels easy to get lost and spend hours doing workarounds because Im just relying on myself to find the answers to every question… but thats why this forum is good and yeah, thanks again.

Regarding the 99 problems thing, I think its a great idea. Not only will it teach people skills it will open people up to possibilities, both what the language is capable of and what they are capable of.

your also welcome to join the chat room on matrix. if someone is online you can get tips a bit quicker once your stuck with a simple daily problem:

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