Intersection of the (vux) voronoi line with a circle or a box?

i need help with a patch where im trying to calculate the intersection points from voronoi with a circle or some straight lines.

when im trying to set up the transformation matrix for the intersect node based on the x1 y1 / x2 y2 values of the edges.
i`m totally confusing things.

since i’m new in vvvv i can not do a spreadable - line 2 line - intersection math wise.

so do you have any idea or hint or even a short patch where i can make my mind around.

thanks km (42.2 kB)

in the end after some trying i could tweak the transformation matrix.
so my lines intersect with a x file i created.

but the lines just intersect once - so if a line is going right through the cube it will only show one intersection point.

and somethimes it seem that a line intersect with the bos which is in the render to shrot to intersect.

any idear why this could happen.

lg martin

Voronoi intersect (64.9 kB)

… the right patch, sorry. (19.1 kB)