Intersecting line with quad


Basically I want to intersect a line with a quad and get vector of intersection point. Intersect needs a transform node as input. I define the line with “from” and “to”. I can not plug the line node in intersect so I have a problem.

This is what I’ve got so far, the first image show the general idea of the intersection. The green ball is supposed to be place where the line intersect with the quad but it’s off because the intersection point is off (second pic)

This correct line (PINK) is generated with ‘FROM’ and ‘T0’ with 2 input vectors at the top.
I am trying to generate another line (GREEN) through sets of transformations(<<) instead of from-to but I couldnt get it to match.

The 2 input vectors at the top will be shifting (kinect input) therefore I cannot simply translate the green line to align with the pink.

I hope this is not too confusing. English isn’t my first language and I am new to vvvv. Thank you in advance guys!


please always add your patch!

Sorry. Here it is.


oui, please try attached.


thank you so much! sorry I didnt understand what you mean by align but now I see
Have a great day!