Interpolation, applying curves to values?


im looking for something that is probably something like a advanced mapValue …

i have a range of input till output value and want to scale it to another range --> minOut maxOut

but in that scaling process i need some value changing

for example i want to have something that takes off very slow and then goes on very fast like a exponential function

or more finetuning in the higher value ranges

is there a module or anything out there?


put your input through a Gamma or similar nonlinear function before going into map?

use an oscillator

also a one dimensional b-spline can be used.

b-spline.v4p (9.5 kB)

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If you know math you can wright an expression with the Expt (value) node

There is also the tweeners, or a one shot version like my tweener plugin.

(didn’t we do this before, like 1 week ago?)