Interpolate a Grid

I have a tricky problem:
I have a 2d Grid with, let’s say 9 Points (3rows and 3 cols).
Now I want to create a Grid with 81 Points (9rows and 9 cols).
The 9 Points should be the borders and the centers, the other 72 points should be interpolated inbetweens.

Has anybody a suggestion how to do this?


lets try the didactive approach: unless your grid is unevenly distorted, you can calculate the width and center of each of the four edges of your grid (from the corner points) and then use LinearSpread (Spreads) to interpolate as many iterations of these as you need. you might need to get your head around some spreadjuggling, though.

if your grid is unevenly distorted, you could take a look around your /girlpower folder for different approaches to mesh distortion.

it’s uneven. if not, it would be only a matter of changing the spreadcount of the linear spread.
and it’s not a mesh… arbitrary point on a grid doesn’t help. attractor would be an idea, but that one is too hard to control. b-spline doesn’t seem to work either…
and resample is no help at all. can anybody explain me, what the modes other than point and repeat actually do? the seem to create crazy values. my first guess would have been: linear

it would be nice if you could post your patch - that would greatly help to clarify your problem.

playing with the helppatch for Resample (Spreads) (select node + press F1) is a good way to understand the different interpolation methods.