Internal Nodes in VL

Hello all,

some VL Nodes have an “internal” in their name and are not searchable in the node browser.
But sometimes exactly those internal Nodes could be useful. Is there way to search and use them without copy pasting?

And in general whats the thought behind it, couldn’t find anything in the Graybook.


hei d0this,

i added the information on filtering for “internal” nodes to

the idea is that those nodes are only useful inside modules. which particular nodes would you like to use?

Hi Joreg,

ah okay i thought it would be something like that, but was confused because they where not shown in the nodebrowser.
I was just hacking around with the new bezier-editor (pretty cool!).
But i wanted to adapt it to a custom use case and some of the nodes that are used are internal (beziercontrols).



glad you like it. can you elaborate a bit on your usecase so we can understand if/how it fits with our thoughts?

Hi Joreg,

i wanted to patch a little tool, where you can modify values visually with the bezier curve. But to to so i needed to extend the writer and reader nodes with some more data. So i was re-patching the whole beziereditor and needed the beziercontrol node as well. But i think now that i know how to get the nodes from the node browser it’s fine. Generally i like the concept of the internal nodes. Makes much sense.


thanks for the clarification.

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