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In this topic we’re collecting requests/suggestions for vvvv gamma intermediate tutorials. Please add one reply per tutorial title and put your like on those you want to see prioritized.

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Building a videoplayer (using gstreamer and skia).

  • Play / Pause
  • Fast-Forward / Rewind
  • Scrubbing by dragging a playhead
  • Skip to next / previous video
  • Volume Control
  • Playlist
  • Adding / removing items -> file selector / drag & drop?
  • Reordering by buttons / drag and drop

For reference:



Application Architecture aka “how do I not end up with a mess” which encourages OOP thinking and patterns


Using Midi:

  • Short introduction to midi concepts and how they’re translated in VVVV
  • Different nodes that can be used
  • Testing IO of different hardware
  • Make a color-keyboard player based on one of the scale’s used in visual music :)

Creating basic touch screen application

How to build the structure of an application properly.
Making it to be able to move along images/videos/texts.
Open pop up windows with data.
Inserting buttons/knobs/sliders for controls.
Give notice to different types of screens/resolution etc.