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Before posting here, please read this topic: Call for tutorial topics

In this topic we’re collecting requests/suggestions for vvvv gamma intermediate tutorials. Please add one reply per tutorial title and put your like on those you want to see prioritized.

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Building a videoplayer (using gstreamer and skia).

  • Play / Pause
  • Fast-Forward / Rewind
  • Scrubbing by dragging a playhead
  • Skip to next / previous video
  • Volume Control
  • Playlist
  • Adding / removing items -> file selector / drag & drop?
  • Reordering by buttons / drag and drop

For reference:



Application Architecture aka “how do I not end up with a mess” which encourages OOP thinking and patterns


Using Midi:

  • Short introduction to midi concepts and how they’re translated in VVVV
  • Different nodes that can be used
  • Testing IO of different hardware
  • Make a color-keyboard player based on one of the scale’s used in visual music :)

Creating basic touch screen application

How to build the structure of an application properly.
Making it to be able to move along images/videos/texts.
Open pop up windows with data.
Inserting buttons/knobs/sliders for controls.
Give notice to different types of screens/resolution etc.

Chatting with LIFX smart bulbs / Controlling LIFX smart bulbs

Or possibly other brands. I was just trying to put the protocol together in VL and it’s actually fairly quick to accomplish. So it might make a good tutorial.

It would cover:
Implementing an arbitrary UDP protocol using
UDP nodes (sync or reactive - or both?)
Type conversion nodes
Byte (Bit?) handling

This is roughly the patch for setting color, pretty straightforward for a tutorial.
Would be even better if ToBytes (String Hex) would be a standard node. The header string is simply copied from the example page which would end up in a quicker walkthrough, implementing the header would take extra time and be mostly repetitive but might be useful to show Bit operations, possibly would be the next step in the tutorial.

Another extension is Polling state (finding lights and their IP addresses). Not necessary though, setting color can be broadcast.


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