Interleave to vector nodes

Hi All

I have an old patch that I yesterday revisited. The patch used vux’ interleave node that has changed name to vector.

I opened in beta25.1 but the node was red and missing.

doesn’t vvvv have a file that translate such things into the right ones, and shouldnt the interleave nodes be changed to vector automatically?


hi sunep

i know the problem, i guess these nodes are not part of the difff.xml as they are part of the addonpack. so not programmed by devs but contributors and contributors don’t edit the difff.xml.

i have to add, it’s probably bad habit to rename plugins from release to release. or we need a diff.xml and fallback patches for plugins too.

me guilty of suggesting changing the name to vector.

you can add your own diffs to the xml, look into it, will be easy to understand… then you can load your patches with the replaced nodes and save them.

would an AddonDiff.xml as part of each addonpack make sense? and be possible?

if contributors take care of it…
i bet if kalle doesn’t push people to change the names of plugins we’re save ;)

i assume if that nodename still was “interleave” we would be safe from finding it in the nodelist :D

Yeah thought we added it in diff (which also works for plugins), but seems this one escaped somehow :)

Easy to add again indeed, pin naming is the same tho so if you have a red Interleave node you should be able to type Vector (Spread Join) and it should relink (bit painful if you have 20 of them i admit).

its in the difff.xml now.