Interlaced fullscreen refresh rate


im having a TV running on 1080/50i via DVI-HDMI Adaptor on my Nvidia 9800.
This works normally fine, but not with Renderer in fullscreen

As this TV is not able to run on 50p i need 50i output.

Unfortnatly vvvv’s Renderer (EX9) shows no option to select 50i output (Fullscreen Refesh Rate).
The only posobilities to select are 50, 59 and 60, wich are all progressive scan.

Is there any chance to have Fullscreen with 50 Hz interlaced?

Thanks in advance.

i do not see a way of vvvv setting an interlaced fullscreen mode.

but iirc powerstrip is able to set interlaced resolutions for outputs. this could help. have never tried this though…

Thanks joreg.

but switching Renderer to Fullscreen overwrites settings from Powerstrip…

Problem solved.

After installing latest drivers from Nvidia an reinstalling monitor driver Renderer gives me following Fullsreen Refresh Rates to chose:

50, 59, 60 wich are progressive scan
25, 29, 30 wich are interlaced scan.

regards miessjue