Interfacing with a Pharos Control system

working on a project where I need to interface with a Pharos controller into VVVV.
Anyone have any experience of this? Whats the best method - UDP or TCP strings - something else?!

What do you mean by “interfacing Pharos with vvvv” ? I used to work with Pharos controllers, maybe I can help…

I’ve got a patch which needs to accept triggers from a timeline running on a pharos.
What’s the best way to get these?

Maybe you could use the contact closure outputs (can’t remember how it’s called in Designer) and read their states using a Phidget interface ? There’s a node for that in v4.

I also remember there’s a MIDI output, but I’ve never realy used it.

EDIT : oops, actually the Pharos needs an extension to output contact closures !