Interface / interaction

a big YES here. i don’t like the idea of adjusting to a new behaviour.

Me too, I understand that the general GUI interaction is kinda weird, and I like it weird.
When I also got some pain in my right shoulder because of bad ergonomics, what fixed it was buying a wacom tablet and switching often between the tablet and a mouse.
Changing habits gives some kind of freshness to the workflow so I am not against having to use ctrl-P in vvvv and to select objects with a right click in Blender.
¨Just because all flies go to it, doesn t mean it is good¨ (or something similar)
Same goes to the qwerty layout, we all know it is there for a rather weird reason…
All in all, I think the whole matter could be solved with a preference pane with user selectable key bindings and mouse function, why not? vvvv pretends to be a ¨multi purpose toolkit¨ so if it multi purpose it s got to be multi configurable.
Me I am happy with the extra use of my right middle finger, it balances the normal use of the mouse in general computing.
My 1,40385 cents

Totally agree with Kalle and IO, and please keep breaking the stone age conventions.

@cat… yeah done tonnes of research and mods to setup. helps but got nerve damage in my wrists. It’s ok if I keep using left hand and not too much right hand. Stretching too.

reducing resolution of screen aint great for when I want to get a bigger view of my patch or swap to another app. I even notice when not on a HD display how much less real estate I have. Bigger screen, yeah that would work but at what cost? I currently use 22" - much bigger and starts costing.

Adobe defiantly do change their software - read here

How nice would it be to have some decent zoom in zoom out functionality though? It’s been attempted but was major buggy and generally didn’t work, use to be CTRL 9 and CTRL 0 but seems not to be in 25.1.

Also some control over the size of a pin. currently what is it? 4x4px? bit of a joke if you aint great with ya hands.

Ok i am sold on the pin size, I am soon getting a full HD 15 inches laptop and it sounds scary…

Some more, key/mouse combo to default input pins on nodes.

When a spread is unplugged from an input pin, the spread count should go back to 1 on that pin

(Seen somewhere) Input to Output connection should/may transfer the value upward (key combo?)

Snap to increment available and configurable for nodes placement

…speech recognition?..

try ALT+rightclicking that pin you want to set back to default.

ctl - and + do it, ioboxes are still buggy, but its better than it was!

I used to have fun with the pins when patching on a train, especially the beta where the hit area was slightly off :0
Mostly I find it fine now, but I’m not on the train so much!

AHHH no I like that, in fact when occasionally it does do this I can;'t remember the situations, but I don’t like! Alt click!

I like it weird too! Just because other software does thing one way doesn’t make that way better…
Although when it comes to teaching people vvvv, its always hard getting them started because of the ui, I do feel its much faster. Have a look at quartz composer for more regular key/mouse usage that doesn’t work as well! (although they do have a auto subpatch shortcut… mmmm)

definitely not. it would be almost impossible to store a spread in an input pin.

i know it’s hard for newbies because they often ‘forget’ spreads in input pins and then wonder about performance issues and strange phenomenons.
but once you explained them
*ALT+richtclick on a pin
*ALT+richtclick on the node
…, no problems anymore.

hi guys. what i really miss now is opportunity to select and modify several slices in custom spread at same time.

ok I see your point and I possibly agree (and shame of me for not knowing yet the alt-rightclick function to reset…, so many 0es…) but isn t there an inconsistency with the trasnformations for example?
All in all I am fine with it, I just feel picky today…

i don’t know if this is by concept, but it is good the way it is…

oh, believe, i know that feeling :D

I may be completing missing the point of Node Browser, but surely when you’ve browsed to a node you should then be able to hit enter (or left click) and the node should be created? Hitting enter (or left click) creates the node and clears the search input ready for the next entry.

Using Node Browser in this way would mean a dev could bash out a load of nodes at the start of a patch and then go through and connect them up. For extra functionality as was suggested earlier the nodes could appear 10px below each other - and could even connect at the most likely point!

great idea gaz. + 1

I’ve had the pleasure to move back into developing vvvv for hours on end! yeh! Downside is my RSI in my wrist and fingers is back. :( maybe physically I’m not cut out for working in vvvv. I can spend days using photoshop. Days typing. No issues.

I think it’s the very precise mouse work required in vvvv that is the cause. Working in lower resolutions doesn’t really seem to make pins much bigger on the scale of things. Have you tried running an 1920 screen at 720? everything just looks out of focus and horrible. UI zoom has issues. Window DPI causes issues in vvvv.

I’ve got ergonomic mouse and keyboard, studied every desk ergonomics guide there is. I’ve got a chair that is adjustable beyond requirements. Still pain.

Currently learning to use a mouse with my left hand. Fun with vvvv pins.

please oh please make a fully zoom-able UI so that maybe in 2-10 years time I still might be using vvvv. or do something that means I can link nodes up but without using the mouse.

big ask I know as not a largely reported problem. If your doing a UI upgrade, long overdue I’m sure you devs agree, then please bare this in mind.

thanks. lovvvve

[my 2 cents](my 2 cents)

i agree that there are some things in vvvv that could be changed. …but it is quite unique. for example i really like that the window borders are not cluttered with menus and scrollbars! if everyone conformed to their neighbour, then then human race would go around in circles and never progress.

learn how the tool works rather than try and change it. ( @rrr - if the program doesnt suit you use a different one. …try max )

Some interesting data there

It’s cool to see quite a few of the items in the comments added in one way or another - yay for progress =)

XD’s comment, “I think it’s the very precise mouse work required in vvvv that is the cause…”

A very easy fix would be to make a small area around node pins the “HitTest” area. No need to make the pin larger, just increase the actionable area.

Ever tried to make a vvvv patch on a touch screen? It’s impossible!

If this little update is added we’ll have lots more happy devs coding on the latest gizmos. And maybe XD will be able to patch for the next decade and beyond!

Ps. XD I felt first signs of RSI and switched to a Wacom Intuos 5. Touch input and pen have completely stopped any pain occurring in my hand. Another great tip is to lie on your back, put your arms out either side (just like being a giant T), face your palms upwards and open your hands, this simple stretch really helps.

imagine a proper zooming feature, controlled by mousewheel (+key). always having the mousepos as center.

i think times will come

@io: every developer should watch that video…
@sebl: dreaming about it…