Interface for live situations

I use Audiomulch for live (laptop) music. It is a patch application with a lot of potential but not as raw, basic as vvvv. What makes it so easy to use is the fact that it uses a special area on the screen for sliders, buttons, mutes, solos etc.

Any ideas about something like this in vvvv? Is vvvv used in a vj-setting? How is it then controlled? Only with midi controllers?

Info about audiomulch at

Well, with some effort one can make an own Interface.

I am working on one atm, and it is much work, but the result is ehh… nice ;)

Look at Catweasel’s Mixer to see what you can do!!

I read a rummour that they are working on an interface you can build yourself prety easy, but you knever know when/if that will be ready.

there is a research project by oz going on. It will be his diploma thesis. Accordingly, this will take it’s time and you shouldn’t put so much stress on him in that respect… In the meantime, either explore the very versatile IOBox (Advanced) or roll your own- and yes, there have been a number of projects in that respect before.
Anybody is welcome to share their stuff!

kind of a form follows function approach: gripd originally intended to work with pd also works nicely with vvvv.