Interface: add pins on group by mouse click

is it possible in concept to make some hotkey click on, at list, a group node so you can add a pin on it directly???

the usability im lacking is that if i need to add an axis and grid to the scene i need to add it on first group pin, meaning i have to create new group node conect it to previous connect to render and then connect axis and grid
that quite a simple action add a pin, but it takes soo much time when u do that live… thouse most annoying thing u have to clik click click

like perfect view of concept u click on shader out pin u move it on group and wehn u click it’s automatically adds a pin for u on spot u click-ked, like with contrl-click or whatevver click? so u have an option on click replace add pin?

prolly not first came up with that idea, but is it possible?

actually one of my most favorite features still to come…

also, can we have an option for middle click when u click on a pin first. so u do left click on pin, then shift middle click, and it will generate u i/o with rows count of ur pin ?

how about if you hold eg. ctrl while dragging the node longer, it makes more pins available as the node gets wider.

add more slices on io if u drag border with ctrl sounds very interesting
since quite logic way to speed up that stage