Interactive SVG editor

Is it possible to build an interactive SVG editor like this using vvv?

yes, if you combine the SVG nodes with the:

you should be able to do that.

although the UI will be quite some work. it might also be a challenge to maintain the SVG object structure during the editing…

thanks man, looks cool!

Is the framework production ready? looks like it’s on alpha , right?

I need to import an SVG, keeping it’s layered structure, and being able to select text, edit, etc:

Would it possible to do it, with just visual nodes?

Also, do you offer Freelancer service? If yes, can you send me your Skype?


Maybe should start a new thread but SVG Nodes could use some additions for creating manipulating SVG objects, for example I don’t think there’s any way to create gradients other than manipulating the XML directly although if I remember correctly the SVG renderer can show them.

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