Interactive childrens drawing project through VVVV?


I am a visual artist contemplating a project that is inspired by the collaborative approach of r/Place (for those who frequent Reddit). In short, it is a 2000x2000 pixel canvas that users can fill with pixels in collaboration with each other. A pixel can only be placed by a user every five minutes, and everyone is limited to a predetermined set of 16 colors to choose from.

I was thinking of creating a similar, relational art activity for children in a following manner:

1: Four (or more) joysticks with arcade-type buttons (four buttons for each joystick/user) choosing one of four colours. Each joystick (user) will have four different type colours to choose from (thus opening for collaboration and interaction).
2: A projector is showing a canvas of, say, 230x200 pixels. The joystick will move the colored pixel chosen by the child, until a button is pressed and that places the pixel on the screen. It is like a 2D version of Minecraft, in a way. So its a known format for children these days.
3: In line with the idea of r/Place, a short time delay (10 sec?) before the person can place a new pixel. Children are known to be very patient so this should be no problem ;)

The object is to create dialogue between the users, and a collaborative effort to create “something”. I have been working with joysticks/buttons and USB-adaptors a bit on the Raspberry Pi, so the physical input should be fine.

Now, my question is - is this something you guys think VVVV is suitable to create? I have only dabbled a little in the program, but if you think VVVV is the way to go for this type of project, I will get my hands dirty(er). I am not a programmer, so Im hoping a visual, node based approach might make it slightly easier.

Any input on my first baby steps into this type of venture (or on the concept itself) is greatly appreciated.


That’s like vvvv perfect match ;)
The math is quite simple you can do that easily in vvvv beta or vvvv gamma

Beta would be easier and less stress, gamma would be more modern but would take a little bit more effort…

Great, thanks for the feedback. Will check that out. I don’t need any fancy stuff so the less complicated, the better.

So here is an example of how it could look like in vvvv
guess you can should ask questions about some parts…

_kids game.v4p (498.0 KB)

if you want some better understanding of how it’s work you should start with something like 8 by 8 grid

Oh my! You are amazing. Yes - there is so much potential here. And I can tell already its quite a lot more involving than I thought. I will look at this and understand whats going on. If I choose to build on this, is it OK with you? its not a commercial project, so I will in that case credit your work as "Based on framework by " and then whatever credit you would want me to use.

I have several ideas - such as the option to press two color-buttons to blend them (also teaching some color-theory) but thats down the line. I will get back to this thread when I have gone through this in detail and unravel it :)


Hi, just a small notice this unoptimized version, because it would be a little bit harder to read if i optimize it…

But what you should to is to split parts on patches e.g. grid patch, controller patch, so then you can repeat controllers… Controllers should connect to a SetSlice node, so of you wanna add second controller you should add extra SetSlice on top op previous one, also if you want to block input you can do that using monoflop node and AND node connected to binsize pin of setslice…

about credits, antokhio (aka Anton Kalabukhov)

about logic, post a screenshot i’ll explain you what nodes do, this one would be nice for a video tut, but i had no time yet…

I have had a little time to look at the layout, and I found that I didnt have the Direct X 11 plugins installed, which now works (yay, renders). I still cant find your color modules anywhere. By the way, some really nice visuals on your Vimeo account!

Did you install addonpack?

Yes, I did. However it is looking for a .v4p file that I cant seem to find anywhere…


Ops :)
Will post you in the morning

@joerund (3.3 KB)

Perfect - thank you so much!

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