Integration of Powerpoint

i want to diffuse a Powerpoint presentation with vvvv in live.
what is the best solution ?
1 - find a software who capture the desktop (on another pc than vvvv). the soft create a streaming file and i open it (by the lan) with “filestream” node .
2 - someone create a node for powerpoint file
3 - buy a XGA capture card and use “videoin” node

i’d say 3) gives the best results. you can use pixelshaders on the input source and probably have a very high framerate.

you could also try the ScreenShot Texture node with pp on the second screen. that will be rather slow if you need to update every frame. if the pppresentation doesn’t change too much you could always only ‘Shoot’ on change and then also do some shading on it.

i work on a panoramic project and i need for that a lot of capture card and pc ( so high cost).
there are no simply solution ?

why not export the ppt to bitmaps and doing the transitions in vvvv? thats how we did similar projects.
alternatively you could try to find a ppt to flash exporter and use the flashrenderer…

another solution:
1.Use camtasia ( to capture Powerpoint
2. set camtasia to “Stream Output”
3.choose that stream as source for your VideoIn (DShow9) -node

i have 2 pc : 1 for powerpoint, and 1 for vvvv.
so i m going to try camtasia ( with a streaming video)

i have convert my powerpoint file to flash file.
i do a pause for each slide. for that there is no problem.

but i have a node “gdi texture” ( to do a dx9 render) and it load the cpu too much (85% on 3Ghz with render dx9 and 60% without render dx9). “gdi texture” calculate only with cpu ?
i need to render the flash in xga resolution. it is too much in resolution ?

do you have fancy movements going on in the ppp? or is it just static slides? if you disable the Flashrenderer the GDITexture should stop computing but still show the last image. therefore you could only enable it when the slide is changing.

i will test that.