Integral node with bin size

hello… i want to patch a module that does the same as the built in integral node but with definable bin size…

that means that it sums up values from slice to slice but not for the whole incomming spread but for the defined binsize. when a new bin is reached the node should start a new addition starting with the slice of new bin?

know what i mean?

got no idea how to do that…
any ideas?

i think it is not possible to build that node in an easy way (in relation to the easy problem which is just adding slices). probably it is not possible at all.

at the moment there is no way to construct new spectral nodes from ground up as a user.
the only way to build new spectral nodes is by using existing spectral nodes.

i repatched the integral node by using + (spectral). maybe it is possible to extend it. but i think it is not…

integral.v4p (8.4 kB)

a suboptimal solution i see here, is to blow up yor spread with zeros with InsertSlice so that you have a constant bin size, and then apply the Integral… but this can produce quite large spreads (maxbinsize*bincount).

thx a lot for your sugestions… im on a solution where i subtract the reached values from the output of the integral node. its hard to describe have a look for yourself. i think it produces lower spreadcounts as tonfilms method but not in all cases.

the questions is what happens when the total bin size is bigger than the input spread… hmm and im not sure why the outputcount of integral should have one slice more.

my brain is confused please help me ;)

IntegralBinSize (Spreads).v4p (13.7 kB)

this is incredible!

you are the brain!

i added the scroll, but i know what you mean. it is not perfect. in between there can be huge spread counts…

IntegralBinSize (Spreads).v4p (14.7 kB)

my girl prefered the terms “süchtig” and “vägifted” when i told her you claim me “the brain” ;)

here is the patch for which i needed that integral with binsize.
its about that “doing text with texture” thing for labeling gui’s

maybe you have some ideas or inputs… but i post that separate later.

text (74.1 kB)

hello… i still try to speed up the textmodule with metric fonts…

the problem with the IntegralBinSize module we disscussed before is that it produces huge spreadcounts = bad performance with longer text.

i tried another approach which should internally produce much smaller spreadcounts…

can someone look at it and tell me if this solution really work correctly? is it really that simple?

IntegralBinSize (Spreads)2.v4p (8.2 kB)

so your subtracting the integral from all slices before, that looks correct, very nice!