"Instanced Drawing" help patch data / interaction questions

Hi Everyone,

Working on a Maze game that I got inspired by the “Instanced Drawing” help patch but I am stuck at some point and need to figure out below questions related to the help patch itself;

  1. How is it possible to extract each motion data (xyz) of the spheres. For example, in the help patch, box hits spheres and I would like to extract the data of the motion after they got hit. Couldn’t find the spread!

  2. When help patch starts, all spheres hits the ground plane. How can I find out the moment they hit another surface or any collision model as a bang for example, so, I can add sound effects. This applies to spheres when they hit each other also.

Apart from above, Is there a way to bring a complex OBJ file and add a perfect collision feature in VVVV gamma?

Looking forward to hear back and thanking in advance.


Hi, I took a quick look, and i don’t see this stuff you are looking for exposed.
The way to go is to check, how to do this with code inside stride and then add missing components from Stride dlls…

About the second part of your question, i suspect you can load your OBJ in stride, setup Perfab with model, add a PhysicsComponent, add Collision Mesh, so then you can load that to gamma with Asset Loaders

Thank you @antokhio I guess dealing with dlls is a bit complicated for me but will give a shot :) Will also try your OBJ suggestion, thank you.

You can look my YouTube tutor, it’s not exactly the case but pretty close: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-oZLSKfcluM&t=1312s

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