Instance Noodles: TransformBuffered / SpriteBuffered crashes vvvv

No matter which version of vvvv I run nor the IN versions I keep having crashes whenever I put a TransformBuffered and SpriteBuffered (updated) node.
The weird thing is that it was working perfectly before … maybe before the latest nvidia update. I am working on a RTX2080 an i7 and 32 gb RAM.
Any ideas what may causing this ?
I experienced it also (one week before) on my laptop with a GTX1050, so I cant really tell where the problem is.

PS:Is it possible to rollback nvidia drivers if that would be the case ?


you forgot to attach the patch ;)

Hello Kyle, it doesn’t really matter to attach the patch, I can do it if you like but in order to have a better understanding you may just connect a trbuffer to a constant and then feed a renderer (so simple). What I found last night was after reinstalling the drivers (I downloaded the latest studios ones) seemed to fix the problem (at least for these two I am mentioning above, so it would be enlightening if I probably put the one specific patch where the problem remains but none of the above nodes (trbuffer or sprite) are part of the problem anymore. Fyi it was working smoothly and nice for long time on a gtx1070.

here is the patch old_patch_trajectories_simple.v4p (19.4 KB)