Installing new Gamma overwrites previous settings?

I installed and launched a gamma 3.2 and I saw that it had the default black interface. Is this because the new installation overwrites the previous settings? If there are new setting types I can understand the benefit of this but otherwise user has to customize it again.

the settings for stable and preview are separate, could that be the source of your issue?

I had 3.1 (stable) installed.
I changed the setting so it opens in light mode.
I installed 3.2 (stable)
When I opened 3.2 it opened in (default) dark mode/
I opened the settings and the stylesheet value was empty. I set it back to ‘light.css’ and we’re back to normal again.

But the thing is, are there two settings.xml files that configure each stable release, one which was briefly overwritten, and if so, should it?

no, it doesn’t. the installer doesn’t know about the settings at all. the settings file lives in user-land and is only created at runtime.

i’m afraid the file must have been overwritten some other way…

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