Installing Modules

I was just wondering how to install extra Plugins.
For example:
I would like to use the “GetExternals” Module. In which folder should I place it, so i can call it up by duble clicking in the vvvv window and typing it’s Name? I used to know it, but I forgot… Shame on me… but I just can’t find any documentation on that particular topic.
Thanks in advance!

hey fraenx

did you try it with the modules folder in your vvvv directory?

Yes, I tried. It just won’t show up in the menu. Even after a rescan for externals (shift+alt+E).

you can call ‘vvvv.exe /nodelist SEARCH_PATH’ to generated your own nodelist.xml

hi probably you have to rename it to something like GetExternals (utils).v4p
and the help file GetExternals(utils) help.v4p in he case you made the module if not try to put it in a folder like Contributions --> Modules–>the patches . and then add this path in the vvvv root by opening and clickin alt+r.

Thaks! Works