I am in the middle of running a workshop where we among other software also use vvvv.

I some of the students had quite some trouble installing everything to get vvvv running correctly. I discovered quite a lot of solutions to the various problems, especially for those students running bootcamp on macs.

I will write a sort of instructions for doing so, but I also had the idea that an installer should not be that hard to make that would check to see if the right things were installed and installed and did all the different quirks relating to different versions of windows and perhaps ended up with a recommendation to install the latest GPU drivers.

I would not mind giving it a try to put such an installer together, but I have no idea how to do it, I mean I could patch it in vvvv but that would of course be missing the point all together.

anyone knows of ways to make installers?

perhaps it could be integrated into the vvvv file itself that does some sort of installation when being run for the first time.

any suggestions are welcome.