Install kinect

hi vvvv ers,

Im using vvvv_45beta26 version, and as long as I know , to install kinect Ineed to use Kinect_OpenNI_Libary_1.1.
I d followed all the tutorial to install, and everything is ok.
windows control pannel tells me everything is ok.
cheking the NIviewer test and works
however the nodes are still red.
seems like they are unreferenced ( looking for other nodes in paths where is nothing o doesnt exist)

any ideas about whats wrong ?

this is very hard to guess.
please consider using b27 and Kinect_OpenNI_Libary_1.3 + appropriate drivers listed on openni-plugin

i am working on this atm so i am much more likely to help you with this latest version.

Joreg and vvvvboys for ever !!!