Inspektor Looses Focus of Render Node

I have managed to re-create this issue every time with the pixel shader example: Hello World in Pink from the pixel shader for newbies example:

Basically, the inspektor either looses focus of the selected render node and doesn’t show anything or shows data but has missing/blank fields.

To re-cerate:

  1. Open the 02_hello world in pink.v4p file
  2. Open a new Inspektor CTRL-I or from the middle-click menu
  3. Click on the Render (and other) nodes, it will show inspektor working as normal.
  4. Select Revert to saved CTRL-R or from middle-lick menu
  5. Now click on the Render (and other) modules.

Try performing the “revert to saved” option several times, this causes random issues with the inspektor and the node data fields: sometimes it shows all module data fields, sometimes missing.

I’m attaching the example for quick access and testing.

Thanks. (25.7 kB)

ai sien,

thanks for that report. indeed it helped me find some obvious bogus in herrn inspektors quite dated sources… that may as well fix its recurring dying (reported here by sunep), but i cannot be certain of this.

at least the phenomenon you described is fixed for beta>21