Inspektor inconsistency

On top and bottom left, Inspektor (in a window, “regular” mode); on top right Inspektor node (InABox mode).
All Attached to Dir Advanced. (I got similar result with Dir, though).

You can see how in top left there are different slice number, and they are shifted by one (last in one is the first in the other), respect to top right.
Also you can see how bottom left shows same results as top right. Setting Sort Order to any value, doesn’t “fix” this (different slice number and shifted by one).

Order of creation:

  1. Top Left (created when launching vvvv)
  2. Top right
  3. Bottom left

I unlinked the Mask IOBox, Alt right click on Dir, relinked Mask IOBox, and nothing changed.

I decided to post this as a bug, because Inspektor, maybe just in specific cases, is an invaluable tool and should report stuff in consistent way. Here I’m browsing between hundreds of files, with long similar names, in nested folders with long similar names: there’s no way at glance to understand what’s going on.

Thank you.

thanks, tracked

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