Insertslice (spread) & insertslice (string) in beta 18


found a bug in the insert slice nodes. it isnt possible to insert a slice at the end of spread. did work in previous versions…

changelog beta 18 says:
InsertSlice works correctly now


InsertSlice works correctly now

cool, thxalot.

BTW, why is it, that you need to reverse your spread before inserting it? Bug or feature?

If i understand you right you want to insert many slices at the same position - via taking the same index over and over again - not via binsize feature - and expect them occur in the same order as in the original spread.
Well, in beta19 it exactly behaves like that.

Check out the help patch of InsertSlice (Color).

yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing - applying it to a spead of strings.
Good to know, that you changed that for current beta and I have to remove the “reverse” node now. I wouldn’t have recognized it from the comments in the change log.