Infrared reflecting fabric/ clothes

Hi folks,
I’m working hard on my diploma project at the UdK Berlin (presentation will be may 13th) and I’m working with body projections using infrared light (of course I realized all my work in vvvv) It would be a great improvement if I would dress the artists I project on in infrared-reflecting clothes. Does anyone have a good hint were to find stuff like that? Fabric or maybe a coating I could paint the clothes with ?
Any help would be awesome…
Cheers Jannis

hi jannis.
i just write some feelings about your question even when i’m no expert:
since every material will reflect infrared light somehow i think you won’t find special infrared reflecting clothes to buy (like you won’t find a shop for special white clothes). normally material reflecting visible light tends to reflect infrared light also good(?) so at your position i would try different white tshirts from different labels and see which behaves best. i think it’s more a trial and error search.
good luck!

Hi Gregsn,
the trial and error thing is what I’ve been doing so far. Through my research I learned that there is a special fabric that does the job, but I couldn’t figure out
what fabric it exactly is and where to get it. The best results I had with black leather…smiles
But the artists I work with at the moment don’t really want to wear heavy cat suits during the show…
Cheers Jannis