Info (System Drive) throws exception on empty DVD-ROM

I’m trying to check for free space while writing what could be large files in order to prevent filing a disk, but every time I bang update on the info node, I get an exception on the console “The device is not ready.” It appears to be because of an empty DVD-ROM drive.

What is worse, any drives after that DVD-ROM drive letter are ignored, so apparently the node stops checking at that exception. So for example if the optical drive is D:, and there is another hard drive as E:, nothing for E: is returned. Changing the optical drive to F: then results in info for E: being returned.

This is a serious pain, because I need to check the drive space pretty often, but the log file fills up with these exceptions, and it won’t work at all for drives alphabetically after an empty optical drive.

This is with 34.2 x64 on Win7 Enterprise x64. Have not checked x86.

thanks, fixed.

I am also seeing an exception and same behavior with mapped network drives that are not present - will this fix cover that as well? Thanks!

seems best to me if you test your case and let us know.

The disconnected network drive is also now handled without an exception, and all following drives are seen - thanks! However if a network drive was valid and then goes away, the old data for it is not cleared, so the volume name, size, etc. are still output though they are not valid and could be wrong - and most importantly “Is Ready” still shows as true which is incorrect.

“Is Ready” should probably be cleared for each drive before doing the check, so if there is a handled exception it will no longer be true. It does make sense the offline network drive is still in the list though, as windoze does still show it as present, just not accessible.

good point regarding the “Is Ready” status. i now fixed that to be set to 0 in case of an exception.

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