Info on ring buffer?

hey guys…

I was wondering if it was possible to set set the starting point in the Ring Buffer, or is it always set to a random phase according to the mainloop??

its to do with this gestural recorder im trying to get together (see attached) The gesture records, and i have the timing set to the mainloop (which took me a while to figure out :) ) but the ring buffer seems to shift every time a new recording happens. typically id like to start a recording to the RIngBuffer at point1 every time.

any help greatly appreciated.

oh… another question, do you guys thing 30 fps is an ok framerate? it will be for an isntalltion so processing power might be an issue rather than fidelity.

gesturerecord.v4p (49.4 kB)

i don’t know. i personally don’t like the queue, ringbuffer and levin nodes too much.

you are quite flexible when patching such a thing by yourself. and you learn also a lot by that.

i would think think a ringbuffer is a feedback loop (with framedelay) with

  • a getspread or a setslice node to keep most of the spread and to introduce something new

  • a switch and a “reset” inlet to be able to initialize the spread as a whole

  • a “restart” to restart an internal counter going from slice to slice…

it should be not too hard to build. and you’re very flexible then…

google for feedback loops or framebased animations. :)

you’re also welcome to remix & reuse the ‘CaptureStroke (Animation).v4p’ (and anything else, for that matter ) from the Gesture (2D Vector) module i did recently :)