Info (EX9.Texture) not updating


I’m using FileStream (EX9.Texture VLC) in combination with Info (EX9.Texture), like that:

When I open this patch, I get width&height 2 for the texture. This seems to be because the Texture has not yet been loaded, I guess. However, once the texture has been loaded, this won’t update - I’m still getting no info about the actual width and height of the created texture. When I now reload the Info node with Alt+Rightclick, the correct width and height of the loaded video will show.

I suppose this is because the FileStream will output the same texture, but resized, so the Info node doesn’t know it should update.

I’m now doing a workaround that checks whether the duration output of FileStream is 0, and only if it’s not 0 switches to the given texture, so the Info node knows when to update:

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