'Info (EX9.Texture)' excessive CPU usage + low frame rate

(correct me Elias if I’m wrong)


While the ticks are ‘misleading’ they are not wrong

The number of ticks displayed is only misleading in that the total ‘used’ by all of the info nodes connected to a renderer chain will display as being attached to one of the info nodes, not distributed among all the info nodes in the expected way. So the large value is still correct.

As me and a number of other users have noted, under subjective testing, the resource consumption when using several info nodes in one patch is significant. It seems that this is not as we were hoping due to a bug when using several info nodes, but just due to that fact that is slow…

What I was saying in previous comments was that I understand that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with the info node, but that it seems particularly slow for what (I would hope) would be a straightforward task, and I was casually asking if there may be a different and faster way to do the same thing ie. report texture size and format details.

edit: And I have noticed before when this situation has arisen that removing all the info nodes did affect performance

Update: I just checked back some previous patches and it seems I was wrong about how much the performance changed without the info nodes!

Twas a while ago

Sorry. That assumption guided me in the wrong direction… :)

I best get back to my content

well sorry for making it easy to guide you in that direction. just dont trust debug mode numbers when the nodes are also doing some gpu / directx business.

Yes no worries.

I was convinced i’d seen significant change in actual frame rate when removing all info nodes previously

sorry to bump in
there’s still the bug that recreating the texture with different dimensions doesn’t result in the info node updating its outputs, right?

@elliot: yep, still there, but…in the making.