Info DX9 shared handle 32Bit

I cant get any shared handle for DX9 Texture using beta31_x86
64Bit working
cheers, dimi

and you’re starting both with /dx9ex?

yes, 32 even with dx9ex not working
64 working even without
actually the same with beta30.2

videotexture working now with dx9ex, but not File Texture

ok, here is the thing:

  • texturesharing just does not work for filetexture (forgot about that). if you need that you need to render the texture first and use it via dx9texture
  • with the 64bit version you saw a bug. it reported a handle but then still would not work. i fixed that to now report 0 if /dx9ex is not used

i think normally no needs

the patch was just for test
i wanted to convert video dx9 to dx11 as stated here
it randomly works, but only randomly