InfiniteCity Shadertoy conversion trial

Following the advice of @catweasel
I need some helps to convert the nice Infinite City from Shadertoy
Following some example I already change all vecs to floats.
I was planning also to insert a texture to replace the 2 iChannel used on the site.
Thanks in advance for you help/advice’s.

PS Changed the content of the zip
Now only warning remaining, but no output (5.4 kB)

Renderer remain black… but I think old Nvidia GT330M not supporting some dx11

i think the main issue was that you forgot the Quad (DX11.Geometry) :)
but there were some errors in shader too - fixed those, also it now takes camera as set up via renderer (5.4 kB)

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@UNC Waouw… thanks

feel free to add it here, so we might gain some kind of shadertoy collection.

i just did this together with other shaders, good to have this kind of library

thx a lot for this exciting shader collection!