Infinite plane (stretch to the horizon)

i need to stretch a surface all the way to the horizon.

  • In my 3d program i would use a nice little plugin.
  • In a game engine I would fake it and cover the join with clouds.

any ideas?

fog (ex9 renderstate) connected to a quad can fade out the quad egde into the distance

maybe a shader could draw an infinite plane stretching to the horizon …

might struggle to draw infinity on any of the current nvidia or ati cards

if you don’t want to use fog you can also take a circle (eg segment node)and rotate it in to the xz plane.

PS infinity renders fine on my nvidia…

hmm… will have to play with this. it is specifically for an ocean shader which needs to strech to the horizon. i am having trouble scaling down, as i am used to my 3d software (Lightwave) dealing in floating point distances from mm to billions of km.

@everyoneishappy - haha…

it’s possible but approach is quite different, take a look at this