Inertial dragging

Hi vvvvusers,
I’m playing around PatternTouch plugin to create a simple multitouch table. I would add some fancy inertial movements while dragging objects… something like Apple inertial scrolling to allows to throw objects from side to other side of the multitouch table.

Attached a simplified patch with a dragging element.

Any suggestions?

_inertial (3.0 kB)

What about Box2d ?

I never play with Box2d but I don’t want to apply an entire physic engine. I imagine something like a filter to do this type of animation.

patched this a hundered times, the basic idea is to apply the filter to the frame difference value, not the value itself. i think its easy from there on:

_intertial dragging.v4p (12.6 kB)

Yep! Simple and working well. Thank you!

hi guys i did some versions of this behaviour in pluging with elek some time ago.
my aim was to make a dictionary version i even put it in the forum but i never got the dictionary version so if anyone want to give a hand i,ll be happy to try again ;D

Drag&Slide2D.rar (39.1 kB)

Suggestion: add a damper (say .1 sec) right after FrameDifference; that will help smooth out zero differences that can happen due to vvvv framerate being higher than input update rate.

Hey guys,

im trying to do the exact same thing as in colorsound’s Drag&Slide2D.

Draging and sliding Objects within given boundries.( Prevent the object to leave the screen )

Are there any performance advantages in not using specific nodes like framedelay?

The Drag&Slide plugin seems to be more efficient in Debug Mode.

Is there a way to also apply a maprange to Tonfilms patch?

Im just usually trying to use as many standart node’s as possible. The reason for this would be that im building a few Cameras and it would be easier to exchange them using standard nodes.

@@gegenlicht)): add Map (value) between Add (Value) and FrameDelay (Animation) with -1 as source/destination minimum, 1 as source/destination maximum and select Clamp in ((pin:Mapping.

:) Thank you Alec. As usual the solution is more simple than ive expected.