Indexing geometry buffer question


how to obtain a simple 3d mesh from this 2d points ?
igb q.v4p (194.7 KB)
how are normals being computed in this case ?
why did the example on the left require 4 values per vertex ?


it works if you set inputlayout to ‘Pos3’ instead of Pos3Tex2 (this would be 3 values for position and 2 for uv coordinates)
and you have to set the constant technique to ‘noTexture’

there are no normals computed automatically. if you want them, you have to calculate them and pass them into the geometry buffer as well (e.g. Pos3Norm3)

the example on the left seems to work because the default input layout seems to be Pos4


thanks for pointing out noTexture
is there a subpatch somewhere for cpu normals ?
igb q 2.v4p (532.4 KB)


@normals: how does the cross product apply to a non-normalized pair of vectors ?

igb q 21.v4p (540.2 KB)