Increment a value


I’ve got a value (1), and I want it to be incremented by 1 each time a value is true.
Can someone help me?

Ok, ok, I’m a n00b!
Counter (Animation) is great for me.

I’m stuck on this SAME problem, trying to increment a value…but NOT have it time-based like counter. help!!

what about frac?

Counter is not Time based, but BANG based. A bang is a value off 1.0000 during 1 vvvv frame, and than it jumps back to 0.0000. Nodes to do this include Change and Togedge. (read here for the difference).

The way you produce the BANG is all up to you, use a Mouse-Click, Keyboard press, MIDI-note, LFO or what ever to produce your Bangs.