Increase upload size for GIFs

Hello! Currently the upload size of GIFs is just 3MB, could that be increased to 10MB? Very often I can not upload the GIFs made with the frame in vvvv and have to try multiple times to keep it extremely short.

It would be great to make the threshold here of recording a GIF with the frame and post it to the forum as low as possible for reporting bugs. Alternatively, maybe the GIFs recorded in vvvv can be smaller?

Licecap produces better quality gifs at lower filesize.
But still the size limitations should really be increased.
Also I don’t get why no more modern formats are allowed. Webm videos for example are generally way smaller in filesize while also delivering better quality, especially when capturing something “colorfull” with lots of changes like a renderer output.

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I would also vote for removing the vvvv gif recorder altogether. the output is mostly unusable for the intended purpose. licecap does everything much better.

it would also reduce the settings page a bit and free a top-level shortcut.

or find a gif recording library that produces optimized gifs, ofc.

upload size is now limited at 8mb.

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