Incorrect Pack versions in v4p

in a current project I use the following packs (among others not containing a

  • dx11 version 1.2
  • dx11.particles version 1.0.5
  • vvvv-zeromq version 0.5.7

when saving the projects, referenced packs will be written into the v4p like so:

<PACK Name="dx11" Version="1.0.5"> </PACK> <PACK Name="vvvv-ZeroMQ" Version="0.5.7"> </PACK> <PACK Name="addonpack" Version="36.0.0"> </PACK>

as you can see, the dx11 and dx11.particles get mixed up.

my guess would be that vvvv treats the particles part of the pack name as a file extension of some kind that can be stripped away.
however, this short-circuits any effort @tmp or @vux put in their diffff.xml

Uhm. Thanks for reporting!
This should be fixed in the upcoming release candidate.

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confirmed to be working correctly in latest alpha.

confusion fully dissolved into two fully distinguishable xml entities. thanks

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