Inconsistent FPS dropping as Flash Renderer uses more memory


I’ve build this little drawing app (attached) that sends the x and y values from a EX9 renderer to a .swf file that then draws lines using the lineto command in Flash. It also uses the left button down from the renderer to know if it should be drawing.

My inconsistent problem seems to be this… if you move the mouse around very quickly in the renderer, the FPS drops very quickly to around 2 or 0 and vvvv becomes very unstable or dies altogether. However, if you move around slowly in the renderer it never seems to drop.

Can anyone help me sort out this problem.

If I change the code in the Flash file so it is getting the X and Y coordinates from Flash and you just run it in flash or through a web browser you do see a little performance decrease as the drawing goes into the many thousands or lines, but it is very little.

Is there a difference in the way vvvv/activeX gives flash memory depending on where it is run?

Please help! Thanks (13.9 kB)

helo hog,

strange, i see you trouble, but i have no idea whats going on there. i noticed that performance is better if i scale the flashrenderer down to a very little window and set its backbuffer to say 512x512. still performance drops, but after a longer while only.

i don’t know about flash or your code in flash…it kind of seems as if the whole line is drawn with every single brushstroke?! couldn’t you probably rework the code so that it only draws the last piece of line and just leaves the rest as is?

the flash in the .html doesn’t do anything, so i cant check that.