Inconsistent behaviour between IsChanged in V1 and V2 pins

Since beta32 I noticed that IDiffSpread behavior has changed from last release.

In a dx11 plugin (beta31.2), same frame, change pin value:

  • In Evaluate : IsChanged returns true
  • In Update : IsChanged returns true

In beta32, IsChanged returns true in Evaluate but false in Update
V1 pins have correct behavior of returning true at each stage.

Please note that creates some issues in some places in current dx11 build.

Moving most changed code to evaluate since it makes more sense anyway (and will re upload a new version, but just as a notification.

IDiffSpread of what type and when is Update called? Can you point me to an example?

I had it with scalar type and enum.

Update is called OnRender during MainLoop

ok thx. was introduced by