Hello - merry new year!

I’m a new user experimenting with V4.
Love the shader stuff…just trying to get my head around it all atm.

I`ve tried registering a couple of times but stil receive no emails.
Is there a problem with the rego side, or am I doing something wrong?


Welcome SonicViz,
I am not aware of any problems on our side at this time. As my current name sugests I cannot replicate your problem. Most likely your confirmation mail has been trapped in a spam filter on the way?

What login name were you using? - cannot see any pending new users for now in the users list…

by the way, I’ll move this thread into the “tiki wiki vvvviki” forum when you have answered. That’s where this kind of problem belongs.-

  • happy new year!


Hi Max.
hmmm…tried using IE this time and a hot mail account and I got the rego email straight away.

Maybe your mailserver was rejecting my original domain email, as I received no anti-spam message? Does not seem to have a problem with anyone else, far as I can see.

There should be sonicviz, sonicviz1,sonicivz2 rego attempts on your db.
Could you kill them, or reset sonicviz to the details this id (ie: email)?


ps: thanks for the cool tools!