In need of some help

Hello everyone.

I have another issue that I’d really like some assistance with please :)

In my patch I have a 20x20 grid with squares moving/lighting horizontally using PeakSpread
seen here

I’d really like to be able to fade in each horizontal path (slice) 1 at a time with the alpha. I have tried to do this with the zip node, thinking 20 inputs for each horizontal line.

Instead of the zip changing the alpha of the horizontal lines, it changes the vertical lines. This has been shown in the below video.

I can not for the life of me figure out how to change the alpha of each slice change in a horizontal manor instead of a vertical one.

WithblurWithZip.v4p (35.9 kB)

what you need is 400 values which control the alpha. what you have is only 20. so in theory you have one value for each slice in one horizontal line. the spreading logic of vvvv resamples the 20 values to get the required 400 be just repeating them, so each horizontal line gets the same 20 values.

you need to repeat the first value 20 times, then repeat the second value 20 times, and so on…

so put a select after the Zip and set the Select input to the number of slices per horizontal line, here its 20…

Thank you so very much, that was the perfect solution.

Still getting my head around Vvvv >_<

Apologies for bring this thread up again. I have tried and tried and I just can’t work it out.

Can anyone tell me how I can get a bang or something for each movement of the white block within each row?
I will want to be triggering a sound with each moving block in each row if that makes sense. I have played around a lot and I can’t work it out for the life of me.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I don’t know if I got what you mean; have a look at attached patch, then tell us if we’re close to solution and if you need further help.

WithblurWithZip_mod.v4p (41.2 kB)

Thank you for your reply h99.

I don’t think I was clear enough in my last post, apologies for that.

There are 20 rows with 20 columns/squares in each.

If the top row is row 1, there’s 20 squares within row 1, 20 squares within row 2 etc.

So when the square moves across row 1, I’d like a bang at each of the 20 points when it reaches them. The same for each of the other rows too.

Like this?

WithblurWithZip_mod_02.v4p (45.7 kB)

Thank you again for your help.

That’s almost what I need. I sort of need 1 bang per line.

I wish to have 1 sound for each line, and when the dot moves horizontally, each movement will trigger the bang which will trigger the sound (in max/msp). Almost like using each row as a single metronome, so there will be 20 metronomes playing at different speeds.

Last try… no text …

WithblurWithZip_mod_03.v4p (47.6 kB)

You are an absolute super star.
Thank you so so sooo much, that’s exactly what I needed, and seeing it done (with the previous notes) is really very very helpful :)

I owe you a beer :D

Another thing, unless you set Shape to something else than Linear, in this scenario, WaveShaper is redundant since it’s passing values as it receives them - no operation is performed, I mean.
Also pass the renderer (final one) width and height to dx9texture, in order to have a nice texture to filter.