Improve Logger

For the moment logger gives exception in case a node submits one, but in many cases it’s not that easy to find where the problem comes from, so here are a few improvements for that:

  • Write stack trace on the logger, to help find which node/plugin creates the issue (otherwise we need to have showexceptions on, which is not always desirable).
  • If issue comes from a plugin evaluate, write the node path which caused the exception, so we can quickly identify it.

That would greatly help debugging large patches.

Here is an idea:
a small Dot next to the name of the node could light up once something is Logged from that node. Color could depend on the LogType, and a Tooltip on the Dot could show the message.

Yes I asked for background color for debug already ;) and of course +1 on this!

Issue with tooltip is I have some cases when 4v just freezes, so I obviously can’t check it.

In that case 4v sends me an exception just before, but since I don’t have at least stack trace it’s really hard to identify the problem. So stack trace to logger as well is very needed.

are there any updates on this?

I’m having a larger patch with random freezes -> crash now and then (after hours) and really hard to tell. TTY / logfile gives no clue about what is happening.

would the only way to get detailed information to install Visual studio on the machine and attach to the process? (is that even possible with release version?)

really getting frustrated when no indication can be found on whatever happens. Even windows logs don’t really point in any direction.

there’s a new option for Renderer (TTY) called Show Node Address. that links the exception to a certain node.

see the attached plugin to reveal the nodename out of that info

StringNodeInfo.7z (4.6 kB)