Impossible to fix troubles with a black renderer / UHD630 + NVIDIA 2060 / Setup.exe could be also concerned

Hi everybody, i have a project using a laptop w10 with a nvidia 2060 and an integrated UHD.

Everything is DX11 rendered.

Rendering is done on the NVIDIA hdmi output, perfectly.

On the laptop screen a DX11 renderer is dedicated to mouse tracking. In this renderer i have very few things: a segment circle for the mouse, and some constant shader for rendering the mask done in the video on the decor, and giving the position of the mouse. A lot of stuff is done on stage thruth this interface. Without it, no show, no performance is doable. The tracking renderer is opened windowed, and then after, manually setted Fullscreen.

Actually the tracking dx11 Renderer appears black on start of VVVV 4 times on 5.
if my main patch is cleaned from certain texture and scenes, it will be ok and be blank 1 time on 6. so i have a trouble with the allocation of the textures in graphical memory going to the uhd card and not to the nvidia

I have dedicated the nvidia to performance mode and VVVV to it. The uhd intel setup is quite bizarre in its configuration, i tried many configuration with it

I tried also to disable from the setup the W10 acceleration, wich seems to be on the forum a kind of “black magic who knows it can work”: the box remains checked when i restart the computer. (that for the bug tag). VVVV used is 38.1 x86.

I really need some help on that one:
is there any way to force VVVV and the tracking renderer be allocated to the Nvidia.
The 2060 is supposed to render at same Time on 4 renderers…

Thank you for your help.

Im not sure if understand the issue correctly
Your setup is:
1 Screen: rendered by Intel card (laptop screen)
4 Screengroup by Nvidia external GFX Card ?

Solutions could be:

  • have you tried to use separate instances of VVVV ? 1 vvvv for tracking, 1 vvvv for rendering - send via OSC (or something else to rendering ) and see if this works
  • Check Nvidia drivers - someone had problems with 20** GFX cards and vvvv, using the “studio” driver release helped. ( instance noodles )
  • Are the 4 Screens a panorama group ( or whatever they call it) - 4 merged as one ?
  • disable integrated Intel Card in hardware manager - ( not sure if possible ) See if the external card can control the internal laptop display. This works for some laptops with external cards

just a few things i would try in this situation

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Thank you Gegenlicht.

My sert up is:
1 Screen: rendered by Intel card (laptop screen)
1 HDMI output by Nvidia 2060 (included in laptop)

Disabling Intel just cut completeley and definitively the laptop screen.

Ok i will try the studio driver, didnt know that there were other drivers…

Hi Gegenlicht, the driver Creator Studio is the answer to the problem of black screen with the RTX2060 !
I used the express install, without running deeply in its options.
thank you !

Hum finally after 2 days of work, everything has came back with previous trouble black renderer etc…
i think i will reinstall windows to try to fix this hudge trouble.

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