Importing SVG-Pathes from illustrator

Hey, here is how to import svg-pathes from illustrator.
bye, Johannes

EDIT: this topic is completely outdated. vvvv45beta27 came up with a set of new nodes to handle SVG graphics (13.8 kB)

n1, johannes!

hi, thanks but could someone explain how to save with the right options in InkScape ,
to get from bezier to segment :

select your object with the vertical second icon on the left “edit path by nodes”
go to path menu : simplify
go to extension menu : modify path : flatten beziers

from here i need help for what king of file i have to save , i thought plain svg but it seems not to work well

i manually edited the file as a string , to change the header and modify the footer to fit the example file , but i get this strange thing you can see in the renderer

any suggestion ?

here is the solution for inkscape