Importing files from Demoscene Animated videos

Hello. I haven’t been here in awhile let alone played around with vvvv so I’m pretty rusty and most definitely need to get back in the mix of things.

I’ve been looking at alot of Demoscene Video Projects again earlier this year and wondered if I could import the files from the software into vvvv and make some changes to the files to create my own Projects. Has anybody done this before or have thought about it? I do know someone posted a node that was used specifically for importing 3D object but can’t remember the name of node or person who made it.****

you currently import 3D models into vvvv with Assimp mostly obj, collada, fbx and so on. demoscene stuff won’t going to work like that. they have embedded data or generated models you might be able to extract model info with renderdoc if it’s developed with DX11 or OpenGL, it’s not really a practical thing to do though.

So basically I’m better off making my own scenes and 3D Models to import into vvvv?

yeah, or download / buy stuff from the internet if you want quick results, however you can do generative stuff in vvvv too

@Microdee–what did you mean by “download/buy stuff from the internet if you want quick results”? I do have other software that I plan on learning and playing with. Did you have some suggestions?

i think micro meaning some websites with stock models like turbosquid
the vvvv provides you with some powerful tools, however vvvv far off an end user environment, so unless you know\learn how the stuff woks it’s gonna be really not obvious…