Importing Dotnet Libraries into VL

What do you want to learn in this workshop?

There are atleast two different working methods for integrating external dotnet libraries into VL expanding the potential uses for both vvvv and VL without needing to know write extensive scripts.

One requires a C# script to expose the parts of the external library that you want to access. The other is a tool that is still in the making, that will expose the classes automatically and let you choose them and writing a vlib library.

Each method has its pros and cons

Do you want the workshop to focus more on technical aspects/skills or on creative experiments and output?

This would be a rechnical skills workshop, apllied to creatively useful libraries.

The workshop would give attendees some background on the dotnet ecosystem, some idea on the limitations of importing into VL and some examples of importing desirable libraries into VL e.g. libraries or EmguCV imagepack.

How long do you want the workshop to be?
(Standard formats are 3h or 2x 3h but other formats may be possible)

3hrs x 2

Do you have an idea who you want to host the workshop?

Tonfilm, Joreg