Imported FBX file contains only one mesh

I am importing different 3D model formats (exported from Blender 3.1) - with .dae and .glb I can access all meshes individually in Gamma using the Meshes node and apply different materials. But the exported .fbx file of the same model only contains one single mesh.

I don’t know if this also relates to vvvv or if I am lacking some general understanding about Blender and/or 3D assets here, hopefully somebody can enlighten me!

As far as I know there isn’t any way to do that with FBX directly in Gamma, you’d need different FileModel node or a spread of Path then ForEach a FileModel.

The FBX usually does under the hood optimization, so if it doesn’t have materials, it may export single object. I would recommend to test your mesh with stride editor first, and see if there are slots for materials. The second good way to debug such stuff is to import back and blender and see how it looks…
Also not sure witch specification of FBX blender has, the Stride works best with 2013 i think…

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