Import camera path to V4


I wonder if someone has got experience/advice in importing camera paths from other applications such as 3ds Max, Wavefront, etc to V4.

I have a 3d modell inside V4 and would like to get my camera motion from 3ds Max to V4 now.

few months ago i had a closer look at the specs of .XSI files by SoftImage.
should be not that hard to parse them and read them out.

ergh, you remind me of another unfinished module project…

Right now, I’ll use a submodule “smooth cam” with dynamic camera path. I couldnt find it in search mode for linking it, but its from somewhere of our V4-galaxy.
I see how far I can go in a sort of “standard”. Do you know what data is being needed/saved for a camera path in general? I’ll need POV, Cam pos and time only. (10.6 kB)

Hi , I have done it with a spline fromm Cinema 4d exported as xfile and then read in to vvvv , that way I had a lot of controlls over the camera ( navigation with a game pad )I will try to post the patch later tonite if you can wait for it .

Dudes…vvvv is a dream become true but it misses two very important aspects, i use vvvv for demoscene and i need to load 3d models and animated models, but i prefer use linux, blender, gimp, you know open source software, and vvvv lacks of a competent loader, .X is not enough, could be possible what somebody implement a loader for .B3D, because it support lightmaps and animations…and could be possible a version of vvvv for linux? imagine dualcore, x64 and openGL 3!!!

vladimir: V4 is very closely bound to DirectX, so I dont think there’ll be a linux or mac version. But Im not a dev…

AK73: That patch would be nice. How did you work? First the camera shot and later on put a spline over it?

Okay, here it comes.
My fast written camera path editor based onto this smooth cam patch.
You can edit camera pos and POV as well as having a rough timeline.
Cam data is saved as a simple XML and comes with reader for it.